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If we are going to win in life it is very important for us to note that the victory will begin from our minds. When we do not have the victory that we desire in our minds and we expect it to come from outside or several other things that we do, we unconsciously open ourselves to frustration. When our victory depends on the things that happen to us and not the things that happen within us, then we are at the mercy of circumstances or other people involved in those events that we are also involved in. It is time to change the way things run. Take your victory away from circumstances and people around you. Let it remain in your mind and let it never depend on what happens or does not happen.

Some people may not feel victorious because they have been trying something that is not working. Others may try the same thing at once and it may work for them. It is possible that you have tried some businesses that are not working but it looks like others are prospering effortlessly in the same business. You send proposals to companies but they never receive any attention why some others send proposals and a few days or even weeks later, they start talking about money. Don’t feel defeated because of this! Don’t conclude that you can never become victorious since others seem to be getting the deals right now. I know that some people may be getting all the deals you desire at the moment but I dare say that by the time you will start getting the real deals, all the deals they have ever gotten will be seen as peanuts when compared to yours. I remember someone once said that it may look like your own things are coming late but you should never worry. When they finally come, they will become the latest and all others will be obsolete.

There are people who think that they must be judged based on what they get or they don’t get. The implication therefore is that if they do not get something they consider themselves as losers. If they don’t get a particular job and every other person who applied with them seemed to have gotten the job, they consider themselves as losers. If they put in for an examination the first time and the results are not good then they declare themselves as failures. The result was bad but you still do not have to declare yourself as a failure because you are not a failure until you say with your own mouth that you are a failure. By the time you are also saying or agreeing that you are a failure, it means you have also considered it in your mind that you are a failure and you have accepted that you are a failure simply because the results of an examination didn’t turn out well.

It is possible that you expected some promotions in your office or you thought you would have risen through the ranks in your career but you are stuck somewhere. That you don’t have the promotion yet does not mean you will never be promoted. Some other people may be getting promoted right now and you may feel like a failure because you have not been promoted but I dare say that the promotion on the outside is not your victory. If your victory is on the inside, it will only take a while before the promotion on the outside comes to you. When your promotion finally comes, all those who have been promoted before you will have no choice but to bow to you. They will agree that they have been promoted but your own promotion is superior to theirs.

Victory is a mindset and it is not what happens to you. The only reason it looks like victory is now about events is because as human beings, we will need physical results or we will need to be a part of physical events to say that we have been victorious at something. What you need to know is that no matter how hard you try, if there is no victory mindset in your mind you will never have the physical victory that everyone is talking about.

You can have any level of victory that you envisage in your mind regardless of how difficult it seems. The most important thing is that you must allow the victory long enough in your mind until it becomes your reality. When you talk you must talk like a victorious person. When you walk you need to walk like a victorious person. When you act you have to act victorious. You should never act like someone who has been defeated.

Send the defeatist mindset packing! Bring back your victory into your mind and start operating with the victory in your mind because that is where your victory is! Let the victory on the inside command the victory that you desire on the outside!

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