Process before results| © Fola Daniel Adelesi

God promised us a
great future and one of the ways he helps us gain insight into that future is
by giving us visions. The visions are assignments that show what God wants us
to accomplish and at the same time show us what God is going to make of our
lives at the end of the day.

While it is certain
that God will make good his promise through the vision he has shown us, we must
understand that we will have to go through a process in order to be ready for
the assignment of God and to be able to arrive at the destination God showed us
in the vision.

Some Christians expect
God to show them a vision today and they want to wake up to the reality of that
vision the next day. God is a God of process and he takes people through a
process to prepare them for whatever he shows them.

Our anchor text (Habakkuk 2:3) says the vision is for an appointed time. Before that appointed time, God will ensure that all the experiences we go through prepare us for the appointed time. We all know about Joseph’s dreams in Genesis 37 where he had his brothers’ sheaves bowing to his own. Between the time of the dreams and the manifestation in

Genesis 41, we understand it could have taken about 13 years – through the
pit, slavery and prison. There is no doubt that God wants to take us to great
places in life but we must know and accept the fact that he does not use the
people that he has not take through a process.

David was anointed while Saul was still king but God immediately started
taking David through a process. He didn’t go from being anointed today to being
the king the next day. After the anointing came the cave experience before he
made it to the throne. As a child of God, with several promises in His word,
you must go through a process in order to be ready and useful to God, to
yourself and to the world.

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