Act fast on your dream! | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I’ve had a dream for a few years
and I have been gathering information about that dream. Recently, I decided to
go online again to see what I could possibly get about the dream. I really
wanted to take action but this time, something happened. I wasn’t just seeing
information, I saw something that pricked me. In all the previous searches, I
didn’t see anything close to what I came across recently.

While I was busy gathering information
about the dream I still intend to work on, someone else was already working on a
similar dream! This person wasn’t only working on a similar dream, the person
had used the unique name I wanted to use! How did that happen? How come this
person was thinking about exactly what I was thinking about? What’s the issue
with this name?

The clear thing is that from the
name, I could tell everything the person wanted to do since that’s what I also
had in mind. Now the challenge is the fact that I was still gathering
information while someone else had swung into action. The problem now is that I
may not be able to use that unique name that I was secretly nursing. That immediately
reminded me that when some dreams drop in our minds, it is very important to
act fast on those dreams. If we do not act fast on our dreams, it would be
extremely difficult to get some of those dreams to reality.

Aside the fact that we can lose
momentum to pursue the dream, someone else might just get into that space
earlier than you planned. When you have some types of dreams, it doesn’t matter
what someone else is planning but it is not so with many other dreams. Who gets
into that space first really matters. The person who becomes the identity of
that new industry is likely to take all the money home and maintain a monopoly
that will be difficult to break.

I understand we should plan when
we have dreams and the planning can take a while but the planning shouldn’t go
on for too long. As you are planning, there must be specific time frame given to
the planning phase and execution phase. What do you want to do and when are you
going to get started? Who is in this with you and what roles are they supposed
to play? How do you intend to start and when exactly are you starting?

I remember a man who had the
intention to write a book. He had the book written and this was about ten years
ago but the book is yet to be published! He wants to get things right. He wants
a perfect book. He wanted so many things and at the end of the day, the book
hasn’t been published. You should do a good job whenever you are working on a project.
Excellence has to be a signature you never compromise on but the quest for
excellence must never be allowed to slide into an unconscious procrastination.

What are those dreams that you
have been nurturing for a while now? Why haven’t you started working on the
dreams? Why are you not taking the bold steps? Is it money? Yeah, so many
people think that money is the real problem standing in between them and their
big dreams. You will be shocked to see that the real problem may not be money
and they probably could have gotten he dream off the ground without money. Some
of you just need to make a phone call and the dream will come alive.

Why you haven’t started out on
the dreams will always seem important but getting the dream off the ground and
doing it fast will always be more important. Remember, if you don’t act fast on
that dream someone else is already working on it.

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